Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview with 1Maddie And Me

What little girl would not love a vest with hoot owls and pumkins, or a jumper flaunting holiday ornaments...1Maddieandme is a must visit to find unique ideas for your children's wardrobe!

1)What were your thoughts when you first found Etsy?
My Aunt has sold on ebay for years now, not handmade stuff but just stuff in general. When I was searching for online ways to sell my children’s clothing she suggested that ebay would not benefit me, but etsy would. I did some research on the items similar to what I was already making and selling locally and was ecstatic to find that the prices were comparable to what I thought was fair for my work. I first set up the crudest (most embarrassing now I look back on it) version of my shop and went straight to the critiques to get nice honest appraisals of what I needed to do. This was just under a year ago and everyone was so nice and most helpful.

2) Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art! Well since I have two shops on etsy and two on Hyena Cart I am very busy trying to keep up with it all. I am a wife and mother and I work for my mom’s Interior Design Firm. I went to school for an English Literature degree and promptly went to work in the business world using very little of my degree knowledge. My favorite craft is hard since I have two shops I love doing the items I do for each of them. I think that when I start to burn out on one is when I begin focusing more strongly on the other. I love making children’s clothes, but in the same token I love coming up with new bath & body products. My creativity extends as far as I’ll let it on any given day. Some days my creativity is coming up with new ways to market my products.

3) Tell us something about yourself that would surprise others! Well most people who know me know that I am very out spoken and I like to share the knowledge I have (whether or not you’ve asked my opinion, which is the down side). I think it would surprise people to know that although many people consider me the “go to” girl when it comes to how to run a business or market products, I just don’t see that in myself. I suppose I’m still a little unsure of myself.

4) How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?
Word of mouth (or e-mouth) is the best way so far. My favorite way to start a conversation with someone is “Have I told you ____?” Have I told you about etsy? Have I told you about the new items I’m releasing next week? Have I told you about America’s Handmade Homefront? Have I told you___?” I use facebook, myspace, post card mailings to previous customers, business cards, emails, but the best of all is word of mouth.

5) Without a picture, how would you best describe your work area? Organized clutter, that’s how I’d have to describe my work area. Most unfortunately having 2 businesses on 2 e-commerce sites running out of the same 300+/- square feet it is usually a mess. My lead times and are kept on a calendar; my fabrics are kept in shelves according to season and weight. My bath and body products are never worked on in or around the fabric areas, but it is hard to keep it neat and tidy all the time.

This "go to" girl was lucky enough to win this interview and what a wonderful job she is has done! I enjoyed hearing her story and sure hope you do too!

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