Sunday, April 5, 2009

London and Charity Shops

I recently visited family and friends in London! Wow, it was fantastic and exciting. The downside was that we were traveling to Bridgnorth (a small historic town near Wales), to research family history, and the weather was awful. It was downright cold and the cruel north winds were blowing.

Since I was traveling on a budget and I adore thrift shops here in the states I set out to purchase heavier clothing items from charity shops during our travels in the UK.

What I found is that, for the most part, all of the items were high quality and quite fashionable. The pricing was also a wee bit higher then the thrift stores in the states. But every it was worth every pound!

Here is a pic of my cousin Hilary and myself standing in front of an old house in Bridgnorth. I am modeling a Natural light beige sheared (and I must add...very warm) coat from a Charity Shop in Oxford where we stopped enroute to enjoy lunch. This coat was a rare find at 10 pounds!

Well...lets hurry and take this photo...we're off to more Charity Shops!! Lets go Hil!