Thursday, December 11, 2008

Interview with Jangie!

It's really great how Karma works, this gal owns a blog where she also spends her time interviewing other Etsy shops, so how appropriate that she won the random drawing for this interview on Izzy-it!

1.How did you first hear about Etsy?
I first heard about Etsy from another forum I was surfing. I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I was shocked I had never heard of it before as this is my kind of place. I signed up last December as a buyer and waited until July to set up my own shop. Here I am now. :)

2.Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!
I'm an art student finishing up my bachelor's degree in Art. The focus of my shop is threefold: ceramics, crochet and cards. Right now I crochet the most. I've been doing that for about 7 years now and I like making scarves and scarflettes the most. Baby blankets are my second favorite.

3.What inspires you to create?
I like doing things with my hands. I can't sit still. I crochet while watching TV, waiting for classes to start, I'd crochet while surfing the Internet if it was possible!

4.Tell us something about yourself that would surprise others!
Something about me that would surprise others. I always think I'm horrible at this question, but I'll give it a go. When I was 19 I had the opportunity to spend a night on a docked destroyer at a state attraction in Massachusetts. It was wintertime, my watch broke the night before and there were no windows or anything to look outside to see what the weather was like. I'm definitely not cut out to be in the navy, that's for sure!

5.How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?
I have a blog that I promote a lot in forums: I feature sellers I have marked in my favorites Monday-Thursday and Fridays I tally up the comments I get during the week and pick a lucky winner to promote on Friday. So, it pays to have audience participation. The feedback has been really good for only having the blog up for a few months. I also have another Etsy team that I'm on, and right now we're having giveaways until Dec 12th.
In public I always carry business cards with me and I work on my crocheting a lot so people know me for what I do!

I hope Jangie had some of her warm, beautiful scarves along for that stay on the destroyer!

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