Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All About The Buttons - Interview

All About The Buttons was chosen as my 2nd interview on Izzy-IT. Which is ironic, and she may not even remember this...but her banner was one of the first banners to win an advertising spot on one of my websites approx. one year ago!

I enjoy all of her items, but fell in love with the Cocktail Forks that she creates. They are so different, and yet something we all need for our next party! Would also make a lovely hostess gift, so think "Fall" with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up before we know it!

1)When did you first join Etsy?
I joined etsy in early October of 2006.

2)How did you hear about Etsy?
I received a daily e-mail from Kim Komando who is a self proclaimed computer goddess. Her radio show and on-line articles really taught me a lot about computers and one day ETSY was her "site of the day". It really was a dream come true since I was searching for a venue that would accommodate one of a kind items. I sold my creations for many years but wanted to branch out and it was/is a perfect fit. Such a kick to make a sale to someone on the other side of the world or even down the street. It's a validation of sorts.

3)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!
I am a retired (HA!) elementary teacher and finally now have time & space to indulge my various passions. Knitting was my first craft at age 8 but all my interests took a secondary seat to family,school,! In 1993 I started to play with that famous cookie tin of old buttons and everyone loved the pins and barrettes I was making. It's hard to say what I like to do best. Knitting is transportable so I love that. A good lengthy car ride with my husband can produce great things. I've fallen in love with papers and ribbons and recently delved into ACEOs. And then there are my clocks which I favor as well. Can't pick a favorite which is why my etsy shop has a bit of everything.

4)What inspires you to create a new design?

Yarn,dishes and papers inspire me. I'll buy them just because! It may take awhile but eventually they're turned into something. A challenge is inspiring as well. An alchemy request resulted in a new direction for my clocks and the buyer was thrilled, as was I. Materials,I guess are my inspiration.

5)Tell us something about yourself that would surprise others!

I was an art major in college but did not pursue art as a career. Why? Hated painting! Actually, I don't like any craft that involves dirty hands-painting, pottery,clay work...weird,I know, but that aversion led me to teach little ones in regular education and I had a wonderful career. No regrets!


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