Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Interview with Topaz08!

Topaz08 will wow you with her wire wrapped jewelry! You can't help but enjoy this interview. The shop owner is dedicated, has many ways that she promotes her Etsy shop and has a home life that many of us have thought about...yet she is doing it!

1.)How did you first hear about Etsy?
I first heard about Etsy through one of my LieJournal accounts. Some Etsians regularly post Etsy Minis there, and I figured, "Why not?".

2.)Tell us about a little about yourself and your favorite craft/art!
I have been married nearly 28 years (to the same man!) and have three wonderful kids. Well, not so much kids anymore. The 'baby' is 15 now. After many years in the cold weather of Colorado and Michigan, we decided life in the desert would be a nice change. That was almost three years ago, and we love New Mexico. We have four pets - two dogs, a cat, and a Pueblan Milksnake.

Art of all varieties has been a lifelong love of mine. I learn as many crafts as I can, from crocheting to ceramics and jewelry. On my list, I want to learn tatting and silversmiting.

3.)What inspires you to create?
Everything inspires me. My daughter might ask "Mom can you make that?" and then I have to try. Lapidary inspires me. I dig up plain old rocks in the desert and turn them into jewelry. You never know how something is going to turn out until you try.

4.)Tell us something about yourself that would surprise others!
A suprise, huh? Let's see. I lived next to the real South Park for many years. I was in the Air Force at one time. Now I live in an RV (for real) because I'm a gyspy at heart.

5.)How do you get the word out about your shop and Etsy?
I advetise my Etsy everywhere I can - my LiveJournals (topaz08, gypsy_blue, topaz08_etsy), my InsaneJournal (topaz08), my website and I've recently made a blog, I've recently made a A Facebook and a Myspace. I also have a booth yearly in March at the Rockhound Roundup in Deming New Mexico.

6.)Without the benefit of a picture, how would you describe your work area?
My work area? Very compact. I have a small area where I do my designing and beading. The local Gem & Mineral Society has a wonderful shop, where I do a lot of my lapidary. Because space is a premium for me, everything has a place and storeage is gold!

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Debbie Gootter said...

Izzy is my puppies name- cute blog

Mishkat said...

What a gorgeous shop! Wonderful stones, glass and wirework.

Rachel said...

Hello. My name is Rachel and I would love to be interviewed! My shop is Thank you!

Jamie Noel said...

Count me in!


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

wow...I loved that piece in the photo

I want to be interviewed too

Christie Cottage said...

wiremeup has beautiful pieces. I look at her shop regularly :-)

Hi tacky!

BirdWatching said...

Love the interviews...great blog!

Plaidfuzz said...

That piece is gorgeous!

S T E P P I E said...

Beautiful jewelry! Very creative. :)

My shop name is "Designs by Steppie" and you can find me at!

keep up the great blog!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Hi! I'd love it!

Aroma Fields said...

Beautiful wire wrapped jewelry by Topaz08 and great feature!
I would love to be interviewed by you. I'm at:

Thanks much!

MaddyAnne said...

Very pretty wire wrapping! I'd love an interview in the future if possible. Thanks.

A Touch of Elegance said...

This was a wonderful shop you interviewed!! Her pieces look amazing.. and puts mine to shame lol Keep up the great posts!!!


Jennifer Ladd said...

Great interview! Your blog is a great way to learn about new Etsy shops!

GaiaTroveChicago said...

Beautiful work!