Thursday, November 6, 2008

Interview with Sew Happy Fabric Shop!

Wow, what lovely designer patterns you can find at Sew Happy Fabric Shop, I adore her florals and especially love the retro design featured here!

1)Since you are a fairly new shop, please tell us how you've enjoyed Etsy so far.
I love etsy! I’ve actually had another shop,, up for about a year where I sold organic and eco-friendly baby items. I love the camaraderie of fellow Etsians, I love the uniqueness of being a buyer on etsy, and I love supporting the handmade community by being a seller on etsy!

2)What inspired you to open a fabric shop?
I’m a military spouse, and we have moved yet again over the last few months, with another move scheduled for next summer. With two young children, I desperately wanted to have the creative outlet and career that etsy offers, but my sewn items from my other shop took up more time that I really had to give. I’m a perfectionist, and my seamstress skills often resulted in spending hours on one item! I’m crazy about fabrics, and suddenly it all made sense—sell fabrics on etsy! It’s a portable career, and it’s much quicker work than sewing was for me. I’m also quite experienced in inventory, supply, and shipping from my previous work. I work on it when the children are out at preschool, during naps, and after their bedtime. So far it is really a wonderful fit for me.

3)Tell us something about yourself that would surprise readers.
I have a masters in international relations, and my previous career was with the Air Force as an engine manager to include F15s, F16s, and C130s among others!

4)How do you intend to promote your Etsy shop?
Right now I’m promoting with weekly giveaways on my blog ( and having featured buyers on my blog who have etsy shops and purchase from me. I’m thinking about doing some blog advertising, but I haven’t found quite the right one yet! Other than that, I hope that simply doing an excellent job will be its own promotion--I want lots of repeat customers due to my fast shipping, great prices, and super customer service.

I can just see this Sew Happy Mom now, managing those fighter plane engines, then coming home to sew! We had a good friend, who is no longer with us, that worked with fighter planes, as well as my Dad who also is no longer with us. So in this is my salute to you...Sew Happy, as well as Louie and my Dad, Richard Parker!

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80sMom said...

Hey, I'd love it if you blog about my shop, because I have a big sale running your readers would appreciate - EVERY ITEM is 20% to 75% off right now!!

The address is

Thanks, I hope I win, since I never win anything!

Lolafalk said...

Great blog - and I love your fun interview style! I'd like to be entered for the chance at being interviewed please.


Lyneya said...

What a neat blog! I'd love a change to be interviewed!

lyneya said...

ps. Sew Happy---beautiful fabrics!!!

CityChicCountryMouse said...

Glad to see an interview with SewHappyFabricShop! Lovely fabrics in her store! My mom & I just opened a shop and would love a chance to have an interview.
Our store:

demandablog said...

Great interview. :) What pretty fabrics! I'd love to be interviewed.

Amariah said...

What a great story Sew Happy! Very cool :-)

My Etsy shop is

mirkah said...

That was so fun to hear all the behind the scenes stuff!

My shop is if any one is interested in browsing.

Janvangogh said...

Sew Happy has the right idea with developing a portable business -- with all the moves people make these days, it really can be a challenge to get reestablished in a market only to have to move yet again.

erin said...

sorry if i've posted a comment already but i think it keeps messing up some how.

anyway, i would like to be featured in your blog. i've been working very hard to get my etsy shop noticed & i saw you offered this. thanks in advance!

Cindy said...

Very nice interview! That is amazing being in the Air Force! I think that would be cool.

Surprise I'm tagging you! Please see my blog for the rules.

Teri's Treasures said...

SewHappy! Great interview and congrats! Love your fabrics since I am obsessed with quilt shop fabrics! I could look at fabrics for hours! Thanks for letting us see inside your shop!