Sunday, December 14, 2008

Liver for Carole Stites-Luka

Fellow Etsiers and other readers, this is a plea for help! Carole's blog has been built, her Twitter account is going strong,items have been donated, yet there is so much to do and I need your help!

Carole's daughter owns Candlemaker, an Etsy Shop. Yet, the project of coordinating her Mother's health insurance paperwork, Mayo Clinic paperwork and the endless amount of all other documents is her full-time job. Once she starts to get a handle on that she will be posting Candles for her Mom's Cause. I am donatng a couple items from each one of my shops:

100 Percent to CAROLE- Easy on Easy off - Turquoise and Cracked Ice Necklace

100 percent to Carole Stites-Luka Nestled Wooden bowls snacks

...and I will be adding more and more. Her cousin, Laacesplaace is donating any items sold from her shop to Carole's cause!

Now, I need your help. Please donate an item, if so I'll post it on my blog free of charge! In return, you will receive free exposure. I'll twitter your item and post your item here on Izzy-it.

Twitter for Carole, blog for Carole, pray for Carole and donate if you can. Donations can be made online thru paypal at:

Every little bit helps!

This is a woman who once saved a child's life as a Crossing Guard, a job she held for 22 years! Standing in the cold and other types of weather, helping children stay safe. She was also known for keeping extra gloves and hats on hand incase a child had none. Now it's her turn!

Read more about Carole here:

Follow Carole on Twitter:

Here is an updated list of the Etsy items donated to Carole:
Handmade items donated to Carole's Cause
Donation List:

Laacesplaace: (all items donated)

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Christie Cottage said...

I will be listing something in my shop for this cause too.