Thursday, December 3, 2009

Texas Holdem stole my boyfriend!

Lately I never see my Boyfriend! Seems as if Text Holdem' has stolen him away! There are games in our area nitely (and they are FREE) that he frequents to get his "fix" and then there are the online games that you can also play for free (if you get really low on chips...well then you need to purchase them!) but he plays so much that he ends of earning so many free chips. Sure I could go to the games with him, but working the next day sure puts a damper on winning and staying late. It's also not my favorite thing to do in the evening, so why should I give up my movies, books and the internet for these nitely treks, when I could be very comfy in my own home.

So yikes, what can a girl do. Hope that someday the game will turn him off and he'll come running back to me! Ha...ha.

Any ideas, suggestions or support are welcomed!

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