Monday, September 15, 2008

Get 20% off in over 180 shops!!

What is EFA? Artists helping Animals! When you purchase something from an EFA member, in most cases, they are donating a portion of that sale to a local charity. I donate 10% of sales from both my shops to Town Cats of Ocean City MD! EFA members also donate items to our team shop:
All the proceeds from the sales from the team shop go to the Animal Charity of the Month!

We are having our First Birthday Bash us celebrate by shopping in over 180 shops and receive 20% off! Use code TACKY in the buyer's comments!

Here is a list of the shops that will accept the above code:


kim* said...

happy bday bash!

soapdeli said...

Lots of awesome deals in these shops! I love how all of you have matching avatars. They're SO cute!