Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kindred Spirit Award

Thank you Nyblaque for the Kindred Spirit award! What a pleasant surprise!
Visit her blog:

I also would like to PIF (play it forward) and send this award to a few of my Kindred Spirits:

Laacesplaace - My cousin and my best friend, also related to Carole through marriage, and a huge support system for Cindy (Carole's daughter) and helping with the organization of the "Spring to Action" Contest.

Nyblaque - Coming back at ya! Thanks for all you do to help others; especially Carole Stites-Luka's cause!

ChristieCottage - Pulled together Artisans
to help donate items to Carole, thanks so much Christie!

Hemplady4u - Designed the Carole Angel Bracelet and devoted her time to making the bracelets and donating the funds to Carole's Cause!

Falcondraco - Designed the "Spring to Action" button, by using hand drawn graphics. Thank you for donating your time and your artwork!

...there are so many people that I would like to thank and will do so along the way.
Thank you to my Kindred Spirits!

Join in the "Spring to Action" contest to spread awareness for Carole's quest for a Liver Transplant. You can win your choice of 10 handmade items from various artisans.


Christie Cottage said...

Thanks for the mention, but it really wasn't necessary!

We should all help one another :-)

laace said...
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laace said...

Thank you so much for PIF with your award. I love it, and appreciate your kind words.